Tuesday, March 25, 2014

21 Dumbest & Most Clueless Customers in the World

This is one of those web myths that cannot be verified but smells legit because we know human beings. It exemplifies many reasons that I have placed my faith in God, not man.

We are fallible and ignorant in many areas. We misunderstand and beat with frustration the object of our discomfort.

Still, when the smoke clears, we may laugh at ourselves. We shake our heads [or hang them, as appropriate] and learn.

Some of these are hard to believe. But I can guess that the more egregious ones are born from a person mentally disconnecting due to something UTTERLY unrelated.

Usually it is some fresh emotional trauma. We start talking stupid when punched in the gut. We are mentally askew. The overworked mother, the overwhelmed manager, the mistaken tech ability poorly comprehended.

Others: simply pure, flat-out ignorance and fear, based on misconceptions.

As a pastor, nothing shows the Fall quite as clearly.

I truly and honestly sympathize.

Here's one I encountered years ago: I had to FAX a six or seven page print out of a website to a client.

Thankfully, I had a rational and personable account manager to help me. When the client faxed back "changes" which were complaints on how the text was wrapping and placement of images, the account manager called her and explained this was uncontrollable due to the nature of various browsers.

"THAT is so much BULL$#!%!" the lady retorted.

Account manager kindly replied it was not; it was the nature of the web. [BTW, this was in 1997 before cascading style sheets.]

I was aghast that the client was so - well, dumb and rude.

Account manager said, "Well, Justice, her dog just died. She's having a hard day." This was my first insight into how quickly and easily our minds can be overthrown as full-grown adults in a big person world.

When you ask what time the Three O'Clock Parade is at Disneyland, you probably have had your mental capacity used up by little ones and their needs.


Here's another truth I found out.

If you think God is mean and should give you some answers, you are the one in pain and have a problem.

Not God.

Let me repeat that.

God is not the problem. Your pain is the problem.

God offers Himself, not a "fix-this" solution, in many cases.

He frankly tells us Christians who love Christ will be maligned, mistreated and misunderstood because He - Jesus, the EXACT representation of God, was treated the same way.

This always bothered me.

I LIKE superheroes and cool guys who fight evil. I LIKE heroes defeating villains. I LIKE problem solvers.

But after awhile, it began to hit me what the problem was.


We--meaning humanity as a whole--are referred to variously by Jesus Christ as sheep, sparrows, puppy dogs, fish, goats, and well, vipers. OK, the last two are aimed at mean-spirited people, true, but they all have one thing in common: they are unable to reason. They are unable to understand their universe besides immediate need gratification.

In another place, though, especially in John's gospel, Jesus refers to us as "gods" and later as "friends" and "sons of God"--equal to Himself!

Now THAT is unexpected! It even sounds heretical. But Jesus said it, so you have to deal with it. It must be true, at least in certain conditions.

What makes us go from being compared to a wandering animal to a child of God?

What transforms man to be very like the Creator?

Is it Jesus? [Obvious answer, right?]

No. No directly, anyway.

What changes us is the Spirit of God, a.k.a. the Holy Spirit, a.k.a. the Spirit that was present at Creation in Genesis 1:2. Jesus called Him the Helper, the Counselor and would send Him after his death and resurrection.

You see, we can be highly moral, intelligent and decent human beings, but as good as that is, it is insufficient to understand God. We are also limited to merely our personal powers and character to do the right thing, think the right things and act in the right way.

We fail. Often.

But with the Holy Spirit, we can.

We can be helped.

We can be emotionally healed.

We fail naturally. We must be helped supernaturally.

If you have not asked Jesus for the Holy Spirit, I think it is time you did so.

Because if you really are betting on your own human wisdom to figure out this world, you are in big trouble. It is just too crazy, filled with wounded people who cannot process "2 + 2 = 4."

It may be the smartest thing you ever did. If you can think of anything smarter to do than ask God for His Spirit to empower you, let me know.

May God grant you great healing and joy as you call on Him in faith today. :D


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