Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Invisible Finger of Batman

Do you know who created Batman?
The Secret Identity of the
REAL creator of Batman

Bob Kane, right?

Well, Bob Kane got his name all over it and all the credit, but the fact is, the uncredited designer and writer of Batman was Bill Finger.

In the 1940s, it was typical in the industry that whoever did the work was often not credited - most were not proud of being known as "comic book" [re: "kiddie book"] creators and were often working in a studio to sell it to a publisher. Thus, even the publisher did not know who did what but took the work as it was given.

Other comic book legendaries like Jack Kirby worked under some 5 or 6 nom de plumes on several different comics and comic strips in different studios. The purpose was to cast a far enough net to see WHICH creation would catch on and make money.

Comics were NOT high pay. Very few made it big in the 40s. But some did and one of the greatest is The Batman. 

To be fair, Bob Kane came up with the name. Yep. A guy in a red union suit with Da Vinci-styled bat wings on his arms. After that, very little. Bill Finger made suggestion after suggestion. In fact, he just re-designed the bloody costume, added the Batmobile, Robin, Alfred, and wrote story after story...

Everyone in the industry knew it was Bill Finger, but the name that the public saw over and over?

"Created by Bob Kane."

And it stuck.

To know more, go to this insightful article about Bob Kane on "Dial 'B' for Blog" or get a copy of 
Bill The Boy Wonder, The Secret Co-Creator of Batman.

Here's a nice summary of Bob Kane's actual contributions by artist Ty Templeton:

Oh what does this have to do with anything about God?

Simple, really.

How was the universe created? And all of what is in it?

By accident? Were you just a product of evolutionary chance or natural selection?


The universe was created by God. And, of course, all the characters in it.

Just because the finger is invisible don't mean it did not do the work.

Keep that in mind when you get rightly outraged a creative did not receive proper credit.

It is far more common than you think.

Say "thank you God", now and then.

At least you'll give some proper credit.

Don't worry too much about the villains, either.

He knows how to edit.


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