Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Barefoot & Pregnant, Re-thought

I am making an intentional effort to listen to the "other side" of the aisle, the emotionally appealing, righteously calling human voices that say they are hurting, and something should be done about it.

I am trying to make sure that I am not overlooking their pain and desires, categorizing them and/or demonizing them. Trivializing their hopes, their fears, their desires for significance. To keep my heart tender and not bash them with the Bible. To be truly compassionate.

It ain't working.

I am running into too many that believe man is better than God, the Church is to blame for their moral and ethical failures as they chew upon all the Snickers bars of empty promises of the world.

I feel a Dennis Miller rant coming on. Let me share what is setting it off.

Sexual Economics
Yesterday, I visited the 20-somethings in a non-religious church service that turned out to be about sex and sexual economics. It was enlightening, and informative.This sociologist pointed out that the Power of Women in the Marriage Contract is badly diminished. By making more money, waiting until AFTER a career starts to marry and thus, offering to have sex without risk [due to birth control pill], they have become undervalued.

As one saying goes, about living with a girl and having sex with her, "Why buy the whole loaf when you can get it one slice at a time for free?"

So we men have REGRESSED into having harems - multiple women for our pleasure. We just do it one woman at a time - we are sequential monogamists. Women, therefore, are now in competition: and whoever offers her body at the cheapest price is the most sought. And used, sadly.

Even worse, men in this equation are less and less desirable. Their need to provide is diminished, to be responsible, so they become duller and duller drones for the Queen Bee.

Now that is my assessment of what this sociologist said on this DVD. His name is Mark Regnerus, and here is the article for Christianity Today: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2011/february/sexeconomics.html

Here is a video to explain his POV:

So what set off my desire to rant?

The entire "DUHHHHH!!" aspect of this concept. So many messages are sent at us that tell us "ancient wisdom" and "conservative views" was a bunch of old nasty crap, unworthy of consideration. That our grandparents getting married at 17 and having a bunch of kids was creepy or sick.

Well, turns out, they were onto something. Their system worked better, biologically, socially, and often, economically.

Worse, when I tried to affirm the truth of this, the pastor responded, "We aren't trying to suggest that women should go back to being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen."

He showed his own immaturity in saying that. Maybe I sounded condescending, but it was an insulting straw man flung at my comment to assure those attending youths MAYBE the ancient wisdom was valid today, but we had a lot of things wrong. We WANTED women to kow-tow to men.

Yeah, right.

Because friend, no woman I have ever known, old school, and highly conservative, was ever like that.

So I let it pass.

Later, as I went to congratulate him on the video and its wisdom, he said "We cannot turn back the clock. We are here."

That's when I got fed up. We can "turn back the clock" on climate change, live greener, and eat organic, but we can't "turn back the clock" on sexual stupidity?

He was telling me I was being unrealistic.

And that pisses me off, because the Jewish God I know has a way of changing reality.

Here is my answer to the Barefoot, and Pregnant Woman in the Kitchen:


For few women can kick off their shoes, stay at home, and work in their very own kitchen, exploring culinary delights, safe, secure and pregnant - granting their home food, comfort, sustenance and even a precious legacy.

You demanded the right man marry you to grant you the most freedom and security. Blessed are you.

And to those hard working women out in the labor force?

May you get MORE time to stay at home, with your shoes off, making whatever you like in your kitchen.

May your man pay for it, and love you DEARLY for it.


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