Monday, October 15, 2012

The Gay Bash

In a post-Christian, social media driven society, nothing is more acceptable than labeling your opponent. There is just enough electronic vox populi to push forward the vilest names and stop ears.

You see it in the young casual cynic who posts straight from a wounded heart, damaged by all their failed sexual endeavors and force-fed a government sanctioned education that demands naturalism and Darwinism be taught them in spite of mathematical evidence and special revelation.

The latest bashing the Christian community is now receiving is that we are at fault for non-attendance of homosexuals in a local church. Since the evangelical Christian denominations and the Roman Catholic Church as well as any other branch of mainline Christianity I can think of has spoken against and voted against Same-Sex Marriage, we are at fault for our incessant 'gay bashing.'

Now let me clear for the liberal-minded, human-relationships are more important than God, unfaithful reader who has again and again ignored God for the sake of sexual intimacy: God still loves you and your sexual partner.

God has a problem with your heart and your behavior, not your soul. He wants you to change your heart and love Him more than 'the other person' - and yes, this desire includes the fornicating heterosexual too - enough so He can lead you to blessings and promises that you yourself will enjoy.

Again, this is an intervention, not a damning accusation. "ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God..." says the Bible in Romans 3. All. Todos in Spanish.

But if you want to bash those who stand opposed to you, I would plead with you: don't.

You see, you may get enough human votes to disobey God. You may run amok screaming how much you KNOW what REAL love is, but in the end, you lose.

You see, God always wins. He cannot lose. He is kind and patient and far more merciful than you imagine. He knows you are hurting and need loving. He sent His Son to do just that.

But don't think of Him as an idiot. And do not think His Bride, the Church, filled with ex-fornicators and liars and murderers and haters who are dead set to follow Christ are going to roll-over because of some bad advertising.

Those triflers who will not sit under God's Word and worship Him have no business with holy matters or holy souls. It matters not how corrupt we ONCE were - we have been washed, and cleansed by the blood of Christ. We are dead to self and remade by Christ. We are baptized to die to an old lifestyle and raised again to a new lifestyle.

So of course we are going to be hated for defending such a formula that puts sanctification over fornication and holy matrimony over perversion.

A Natural Proposal
I submit this scenario to those who demand that there is no distinction between the homosexual and the heterosexual: we grant your request. We shall form a community that is nothing but homosexuals. Not a whiff of narrow-minded holy matrimony shall touch it. We will ensure that no one taint its purity by any heterosexual teaching or behavior.

You may not cheat Nature or her God, though. You must stay true to the human philosophy that this is God-ordained behavior.

We'll see how well that works out.

And if it doesn't, maybe we just shall be justified in saying 'Stop bashing what Christians for repeating what God said.'

It would be appreciated if you did.

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