Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Avengers RAGE: "That's my secret, Captain..."

You were warned, poppet! 

Me Love HULK!
One of the neat surprises I got from The Avengers was my new appreciation of the Hulk's alter ego, Bruce Banner.  Portrayed by Mark Ruffalo as charming and socially awkward, he nevertheless is no man's fool. Ruffalo decided that Banner had grown emotionally and come to understand maybe the Hulk had a place after all. He portrayed Banner as a man who desperately WANTED to belong, yet obviously would not be able to stay - if 'the other guy' [the Hulk, natch] ever showed up.

But Banner is so smart, so knowledgeable and so analytical, he is also unstoppable in his pursuit of truth. In two instances in the movie, you see what angers him is not physical pain, not insults - no, it is being lied to. He cannot stand someone trying to deceive him.

It enrages him.

And all through the movie, the running gag is why doesn't this guy turn into the Hulk more often? We all get angry, you know? What does it take to make him rage, to transform into a juggernaut of near-beserker destruction? After giving a quick electrical shock to test Banner's self-control, Tony Stark [Robert Downey, Jr.] asks point-blank, "What is your secret, Doc? Yoga? Pilates? A huge bag of weed?"

We all laughed. We understood Tony. Yeah, those are all the mechanisms we can use to keep from getting out of control with our anger. We use drugs and techniques to calm ourselves down and not let others control us with their assaults or with their stupidity.

The Answer Banner Gave
Climatically, the question is answered, and the answer was so unexpected yet so on-the-money my jaw dropped. The Scene:  another huge Whale-Cyber-Air-Monster is flying towards the Avengers. Everyone is in gear and ready to fight except Bruce Banner - who has just arrived riding a two-cylinder motor scooter that has seen better days.

Doc Banner gets off of his humiliating escort and begins walking TOWARDS the flying behemoth.

Captain America says "Doc - NOW would be a good time to get angry!" 

Charmingly, Banner looks back over his shoulder and replies: "Well, you see, Cap - that IS my secret..."

"...I'm always angry!"

His muscles begin to grow and he smoothly and speedily transforms into the monstrous Hulk, just in time to lay a HUGE one-fisted SMACKDOWN on the creature, plowing it into the ground and flipping it end over end.

Yeah, baby. I think we got it, now.

What Good Is Being Angry?
Anger is an emotion and it has its place, if it has a reason in justice and fairness and honesty. 

When we are angry, it is often because we have been done wrong - or witnessed a wrong to our beloved.

When God is angry, it is because we have done wrong - or witnessed a wrong to His beloved.

I never liked the Hulk before - all his anger seemed to be emotionally driven and feelings-based. Usually, the director or writer would put him in a very unjust situation, so we would sympathize with our anti-hero.

But as I grow older, and see how the World lacks repentance and a true fear of God, and with all the lies we are told and are supposed to swallow, often to 'keep everyone happy' or maintain the status quo, I find myself getting angry that we as humans keep making the same mistakes. We refuse to change - to repent - and thus we store up for ourselves wrath - not just from men, not just from victims, but from God.

And that wrath is understood to have consequences.

If you are angry at the injustices of the world, keep in mind God is angrier.

But if you want to be saved from His wrath, His anger, you had better run.

To the cross. To Jesus.

Because baby, when 'the Big Man' comes to lay the smackdown, there will be no stopping HIM.


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Charlie said...

I found this article on Google looking for an explanation of Banner's comment... what I didn't realize is I would find a brother relating it to God!

Grace and Peace

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