Monday, April 16, 2012

Making Feral Children -Pt. 2

If you read Dani's story on my previous blog, both parts, you see how far she has come - and how far she has to go. She is in motion now - she responds. She speaks a few words but it is up to everyone else to watch over her, care for her, keep her under control and be watchful.

I'm sure Dani has no idea how much love and attention is being given her to save her from her past. I am also sure she appreciates it and finds it better than before. She has fun in her own way. She kicks a ball up in the air like a kitten with her feet. She's interested in the world. She moves and runs and plays.

It's like watching a 3 year old in a 11 year old body.

I am praying for a full recovery and I expect it will take more than human intervention to see this child become an adult in communication and expression. I see the need for a miracle, because only God can do such a great work. We do our part, but only He does the miraculous. And yes, since He is a covenant-making God, He works with those who work with Him.

The problem most of us have is that aspect, in fact. We may believe that there is a God or gods, that there is a Supreme Being, that there is a Creator, but we stop there far too often, leaving Him/Her/It [I'm repeating the Politically Correct viewpoint here] in the realm of philosophy.

Keep in mind that philosophy is for the mind - and it may affect the heart, it is still a mental exercise to keep the mind on top of things. It is rational, tends to eschew any form of emotionalism and seeks reason as its highest call.

So when a philosopher, even a Christianized, church-going, Christian-educated philosopher runs into the God of the Bible who wants Friends and destroys enemies of His people, they freak out.

They simply cannot understand why God is so angry, so distant and then so carnally emotional.

It's because they wanted a paper god, not a real one. Or let me put it in another way, they did not want a God who was real, they wanted an ideal god - who was the product of their imagination.

Like men who create pornography using women and children to titillate, they created a God who does not judge between what is right and what is wrong. A god who does not have to pay for filth and depravity and daily perversity with blood.

This God of the Bible wants friends who understand evil is evil. This is a God who does NOT befriend everyone casually, but eats with those who invite Him in and stays with those who call on Him. He sets banquets and invites guests - and far too many of us make excuses as to why we aren't going to show up.

But the joke is on us.

He is God. We are not. He is love and truth and holiness incarnate. We are fallen, lost, easily deceived and carnal in lots of ways.

So we need Him to make us better. We need Him to give us wisdom. We need to ask for what we need because it is a pride-killer: admitting we need His help in an evil world is a smart move.

If we refuse to ask? To ask for wisdom? To ask for salvation? What will He do to us?


And that is what is terrible.

You see, I have come to realize that I can create my own oubliette - a spiritual one. I can wrap myself in enjoyable diversions and ignore the Spirit of Truth. I can fill in my damaged areas with plastic surgery, fitness tapes, money, lovers, drugs, etc.

But in the end, I will become more and more separated from Him. I will become feral.

Spiritual Ferality in America
When I speak of 'spiritual' things, I want the reader to know I am mainly focusing on Christian spirituality that is healthy, not demonism, or any New Age Spirituality. Angels and demons are both spirits; when we say we are interested in spiritual maturity, I am assuming the reader understands that no one surpasses Christ in this regard, and so as a Christian, I want Him as the focus in discussions on spirituality.

The problem is, we are losing that focus in America. We are becoming spiritually feral. We don't just have children who don't follow Christ and do not believe the Christian message, we have kids who think Hitler was a Christian, that there is no Hell for unbelievers and the prime message of Jesus was to feed the poor and wave support flags for LGBT parades.

If you point to the Bible as the final authority on the message of Christ, you will get a hideous mish-mash of post modernism and secular thinking that ends up denouncing all miracles and making the son of God a political figure who just HAPPENS to agree with their ideology.

The simple fact that Christ wants to live inside their soul, make a home for Himself there, transforming them into a heavenly creature filled with honest love and righteous actions eludes them.

They honestly think God likes abortion. Or even thought it would be OK in certain circumstances.

They honestly think sex outside of marriage is OK - and are shocked to find consequences when they practice it.

They honestly think they can indulge in perverse behavior and be blessed.

They are dead, says the Bible. Spiritually dead. I see the insanity from a lack of relationship with a good, loving and holy God and say "They are crazy! They have become like animals."

The topper of this horrific life? They will not teach their children to read the Bible and seek God in Christ.

I sat there, mouth agape, as one fool boasted to me, "I don't teach my kids religious stuff. I'll let them make up their mind when they grow up."

What an idiot! We don't do that with potty training, hygiene, math, science or art, do we? We don't let children decide what they will be taught: WE ADULTS DECIDE THAT.

But who can MAKE a child believe when they grow up? No one. They can drop the subject if they want. Many do - and come back later.

So do yourself a favor. Tell your child about the God of the Bible - but take your time. You may have been taught some really bad things about Him and need help yourself. You might as well start with Jesus, since God used Him to make Himself known.

"Bring the little children unto Me - for of such is the Kingdom of God!"

Jesus said that.

I'd obey Him if I were you.

It'd go a long way to prevent spiritual ferality from entering your family.


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