Sunday, January 22, 2012

Patriots Escape With Win...

It was an amazing drive - and amazing pass for a TD that was held on 1 second too little.

So the Ravens had to settle for tying up the game with a field goal and go into overtime.

From about 32 yards out.

And missed.

It was such a heart-breaking ridiculous failure, that I felt sorry for the kicker instead of enraged.

The Ravens QB and offense made it a battle royale and it was some of the best football a man could hope to watch, with stunning back-to-back reversals of possession that looked like a script from a movie.

And then the sad, pathetic, humiliating miss of a field goal.

AFTER an end-zone catch that was ripped away by an alert, never-say-die Patriot defense.

There was only one thing to do.

Show the humor.

Thus, the cartoon above.

Ravens, you are awesome. You truly are.

And you need to love and accept Bill Cundiff's game-ending gaff - and if he EVER does anything that sloppy again...

...please don't make me watch it.


God bless Billy.

It's gotta hurt.



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