Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Economy Is Down But The Dark Knight Rises

"I have never seen the righteous begging for bread."

That's from the psalms, and effectively, the author is confirming "what you sow, you reap" principle Jesus stated - and that upright men and women get their needs met by God and His people all the time.

We like to think otherwise, because we are full of pride and self-justification. If we are poor, it someone else's fault. That is almost true - the fact is we just put our trust in the wrong place, not God. When we trust God and keep working, we win.

But I had to LEARN that myself. It's taken a while.

I am SO lazy, so easily made comfy in the least settings, I see it faster in myself than anyone else. My out-go exceeds my in-come all the time. It is stupid and I need to repent of it. Frankly, I am filthy rich with goods and food - I am only CASH poor.

It was when I came to Christ, in a very wealthy church, that I finally grokked that just because so-and-so has more money than me, it is not HIS fault for not paying my bills.

I am just a bad manager of money. Period. To make it, invest it, sacrifice and not waste it, takes a lot of self-discipline I just do not have. But when I trusted God, I began working hard for Him and trusting Him to provide as I obeyed and in 10 years, I paid off a $30K debt. These days, I have a credit card with a couple grand of debt on it and frankly, if I sold everything I owned, I'd be flush.

So, clearly, I am no Bruce Wayne.

[Girls interested in matrimony - RUN! Yes, both of you! ;)]

The reason I am saying this is because the Nolan boys are tapping on this "the rich SHOULD be victims" nerve we all feel in bad economic times in the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

Anyway, watch the trailer and you will see what I mean:

Looks awesome, does it not? The destruction of Gotham, the chaos and carnage and battle on what looks to be City Hall steps...

In my experience, I have found that MOST of the men I met who had wealth - MOST - were incredibly generous and only wanted to find how they could keep employees employed, and what cause was the best to donate into, how to keep using their wealth to provide good things for others.

Money was a tool, not a god.

I think, once again, the Nolan brothers will remind us that "to whom much is given, much is required" and we must ALL vigilantly defend our hearts against the jealousy and hatred that is so tasty to our souls when someone else succeeds.

Heh. A thought came to me. I might as well confess it.

One of my favorite pastimes in college before I came to Christ was to spit on each and every car that had a personalized license plate - what I saw a symbol of utmost vanity and pride.

I WAS the one with the pride - it was just manifested as self-pity.

God showed me I did not have to hate someone for NOT suffering as I did.

I needed to ask Him to make it better.

May you too ask and find His love and provision today.


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