Monday, December 5, 2011

Bob Kane Gravestone

When I think of certain heroes, I find I like them WAY before I know the reason why.

Later, as I examine their portrayal, their motives, I see what attracted me to them more fully. And when something is taken away, or changed ever-so-subtly, I can smell it.

Now, I want you to read this final gravemarker of Bob Kane, creator of Batman - and yes, geeks, I know he got a lot of help from Bill Finger - but still, the character is there and Bob Kane is the one who got him started.

And obviously, this was written by loving family member, so it is not very critical - but who wouldn't have been proud to have their family relative create the World's Greatest Detective?

These words at the end are wonderful for me to read as a Christian:
"Batman is known as the 'Dark Knight'
but through his deeds he walks in the
Light of a Higher Power, as did his
creator -- Bob Kane!"
This language of a 'Higher Power' are borrowed from the literature of Alcoholics Anonymous - a reference to God without using 'religious' words.

So I don't know much about Bob Kane's ultimate faith - and I have heard some negative things about his 'creative originality' - but I like the hope and reason and ideal expressed here.

I like that one of the world's most famous characters is identified this way:
"A ' Hand of GOD' creation,
Batman and his World personify
the eternal struggle of good
versus evil, with God's laws
prevailing in the end."
If we create, and do it well, let us also give credit where it is due: to our creator God.

May we also understand that there IS evil in the world and it must be fought - both internally and externally.

If we do that, perhaps we will be blessed with having creations that endure year after year, decade after decade, century after century


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Justice said...

BTW, I am more and more convinced that Kane was undeserving of such a marker. I had no idea how bad it was until recently.

Still, the sentiments are correct - just they attributed to Kane instead of Bill Finger who DID the work.

God knows. Don't fear, kids.

Sorry I made you look good, Bob.

You were doing that job WAY before I was born.

May God bless and restore fortunes to the surviving family of Bill Finger.


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