Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

Steve Jobs  1955-2011 [This is a Sad Mac]I loved the first time I ever used a Mac.

I remember asking the computer aide at Memphis State [now University of Memphis] how to save a file I had been working on. I was patient. I knew it would be a SAVE command with some colon with some other letters, etc.

He said "You just drag it to the disk - like so..." and proceeded to use the mouse instead of typing in some arcane drive letters separated by innumerable slashes. I was floored. I fell in love.

As a graphic artist, I found work, career and so much more far more wonderful and enjoyable because of this one inventor who thought computers should be user-friendly.

We all did.

I liked Steve Jobs for that reason.

He really did change the world.

Sorry you left so soon, Steve.


God bless the Jobs family as they cope with their loss.


p.s. a short Windows Movie Maker video - sorry, Steve! - I did to honor him and his wonderful achievements that truly opened up worlds of communication to us all.

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