Friday, August 26, 2011

Farewell, Dad

My father, Earnest Lee Carmon, aged 79 and having just celebrated his 26 year wedding anniversary with his second wife Brenda yesterday, passed away this morning in Spokane, WA.

His ashes will be sent to me and I will journey to the grave of my mother, his first wife, Norma, to re-unite them and lay his remains to rest at her side.

Your love, prayers & support as I celebrate his life and grieve this immediate loss of his presence will be much appreciated.

He was a big ol' bear of a man who feared God and loved his family.


p.s. If you HAVE ALREADY seen Tron: Legacy, please watch this moving clip from the very end. It is a beautiful piece about fathers and sons and their love and the opposition that tries to stop them from connecting. Link:

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