Thursday, April 7, 2011

Revivification -the power we REALLY need

I'm back, and my Dad is doing much better. [Thanks everyone for your prayers and well-wishes!]

In fact, he seemed to come alive as I appeared. His blood sugar dropped 100 points [it was insanely high]. I was able to wheel him outside into the early Spring weather and round a few blocks with him. He had been cooped-up so long, he'd forgotten how good it was just to be outside. He really enjoyed it and thanked me.

His biggest disappointment was that I was not going to be moving to be near him. I had to cite my responsibility to God first, and frankly, it was lightly received.

But he was revived by my visit and got back to his grumpy old curmudgeonly self before I left.

The Road Less Traveled
While I was out there, contemplating my dad's health and the state of my relationship with him, a lot of things about the cost of true discipleship came to mind. Especially those parts where Jesus says to follow Him is to 'hate' your own kindred.

Not to be hateful to them, but rather, by choosing to obey God's wishes and not your own personal sympathies, your love for God and His kingdom seems like hatred to your family and friends.

You are divorcing yourself from them for Another. That can't feel good. Killing a relationship so you can build another hurts like hell.

And so Jesus paints it wisely when He says "If any man wishes to be MY disciple, he must take up his cross and follow Me."

What those who do find out - that is, those who leave behind friends and family and lands for the sake of Christ find out - is that Christ revives them. They 'die' only to be revived.

He walks closely with them. They can perceive so many more things than before.

He revives them with Himself.

God's Wink as I Roll
This came to me in a strange way. As I was sitting in my stepmom's apartment, bored out of my mind, I decided to randomly roll-up a brand new character for me to play in Villains and Vigilantes. It'd been awhile so I was hoping I would roll a PC who'd sort of, I dunno, 'speak' to where I was at, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Sort of a role I could easily play - an alternate version of me [as V&V encourages you to make].

I rolled Revivification. I thought about how many times I would drop that power for something more useful in combat. This time I kept it. I went and rolled the rest of my powers and came up with a pretty nifty PC, who could alter density and travel not only through walls, but by shrinking down, travel vast distances near light speed 'for free'!

I stopped, looked at the character sheet and laughed.

I had been 'reviving' my Dad. I had been traveling by means 'mysterious', getting last-minute seats on flights taking me to places and people to minister unto, with next to NO planning.

God winked as we created together. I saw a hint of divine humor and irony at work.

My dad was revived so I could tell him I loved him. He said the same.

One day, my dad will die, and Another will revive him. Permanently.

All I can say is, I look forward to it.


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