Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family First

After all my plans for sitting with Bill Willingham, Jeff Dee, and Jack Herman at GaryCon, I have had to change directions and head out to see my father in Spokane, WA.

My latest write-up was about a son losing his father and the bitterness it ensued. That is just natural in human experience. I cannot imagine playing an RPG for 3 days as my father dies alone. Even if this is a false alarm, I dare not risk it.

I feel the weight and timing of Providence on me as I go. I feel that a chapter of my life is ending.

Funny how easy it is to talk about pain than to experience it directly.

Be well, my friends.

I hope to see God's hand in this Final Edit and speak about it later.

Often attributed to C. S. Lewis is this thought from George MacDonald:

"You are not a body that HAS a soul; you ARE a soul. You HAVE a body."

...and those fade away.


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