Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bring On The Bad Guys! [and see them change]

Before Megamind there was another animated film about a villain turned softy named Despicable Me.

Slightly different in it take - it is more James Bond-ian villainy than superheroic - the threat to the villain is ANOTHER villain!

And again, what changes him? Three little girls he temporarily 'adopts' to serve him in a nefarious scheme to recapture a shrinking ray device from his rival.

Unfortunately, they are with him just a little too long - and his cold heart is melted.

What I thoroughly enjoyed in this movie was Steve Carrell's vocal performance. How he just plays this older "out-of-touch" evil nerd who TRIES so hard to be be 'hip' and 'cool' and crashes beautifully...

"THAT'Z what Iyam talkin' 'BOUT!"

"Thas how eye... ROLLL!"

And it made me open my eyes to how we all try so hard to be cool, to be tough and strong and 'feared' - and we really got nothingThe only way to win is to quit trying for worldly approval and just be the softy you are to the ones you care about.

My dad was gruff and loud and tough talking - but he loved milk and cookies and being at home. Every time I think of how concerned he'd get over some bill or some family issue, so much so that he'd be in the bathroom upchucking, I get misty-eyed.

Like so many of his generation, he knew very little love and affection, since so many Americans were just trying to survive the Great Depression. His father never told him he loved him, and drank pretty constantly. So my dad grew up a bit wild and got tamed by love for my mother later on. After my brother got involved in drugs, my dad gave his life to God, knowing that he could not save the son he loved.

So little animated features like this make an impact on me. They are children's stories dealing with bigger issues of sin, repentance, redemption.

Or you could say instead: "...selfishness, selflessness and learning to love others as yourself."

May you be blessed to know love that surpasses understanding today, little kittens.


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