Monday, February 7, 2011

Perception Is Reality, Pt. 2

First, congrats to the Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl Champions! To follow up my last blog, it means to me that the Chicago Bears were beaten ONLY by the Best of the Best. Frankly, I think its crazy that the Packers won - they lost two MORE men to injury in the Super Bowl - and props to the Steelers - just like their showdown with the Bears, you were watching till the last minute. Again, a failed pass ended the hopes of the underdog.

This was the Packers year, no doubt about it. They lost star players left and right and still won the Super Bowl. Vince Lombardi has come home. Never was it more deserved.

And here in Chicagoland we are still looking out our windows at over 20 inches of snow sitting in piles and berms and double sentries at the ends of our driveways. After all that shoveling, I sat and watched Groundhog Day for the umpteenth time.

It was good again. And what made me cry all over again is how, after Phil's heart has changed, he tries to save an old bum from dying and he can't.

He has opportunity after opportunity to help this man - remember the premise? He's TRAPPED in this day and cannot get out - but it is the completing cycle of his "death to self" or "grieving process." He's gone through Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Depression, and on his upward turn towards Acceptance, he decides if he cannot live, perhaps he can help others. He can give life to a dying man.

He cannot. He does everything, but he cannot.

He's not in control. He can predict everything that will happen this day, for he's experienced it thousands of times but he cannot change the end results. He cannot change people. He can learn everything about them but he cannot do more with them than they are willing to accept from him [his failed attempt at romancing Rita, for instance].

I think all humans have a bit of this false perception: that somehow, with enough knowledge and wisdom, we can make anything we want to happen. That is the hidden agenda in much government and in our social circles.

This week I watched and heard how many people thought they would NOT be stopped by the blizzard we were certain to have.

Like Phil, they ended up stuck in places they did not want to even be in.

And like Phil, they will repeat that error ad infinitum until God releases them by revelation.

Pray to see, dear readers.

And to learn as quickly as possible.

I am.


Frankly, his perception of us, as much as we may disagree, is accurate.

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