Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, with the Father's Love Letter

Valentine's Day was originally a holiday based on St. Valentine [c. 3rd century] but did not become 'romantic' until Chaucer got a hold of it in the Middle Ages I am told.

I think we celebrate it because we all need love. Not just desire it: NEED it. To live, to learn, to grow as human beings.

One of the biggest falling-outs in my life was when a friend took my anger at the mistreatment of a child as a lack of compassion to the incompetent mother. He misunderstood my fury. What I was angered at was how LITTLE the mother LOVED her child - a precious girl who had become a non-functional mute at the age of 8 from her mother's abuse [she had been kept locked up in closet and was found wearing in dirty diapers when child services intervened.] It was horrible.

Child abuse and parental neglect are common evils, I am afraid. So common, that many of us unwittingly ascribe these traits to God. When you hear the question "If God is so good, why is there so much evil in the world?" they do not want the answer: "Because we told Him to leave us alone."

If God seems angry in the Old Testament, you MUST realize the occasions are based on EVIL behavior by His people. They are to lead the world to Him - not lead them to false idols that cannot help.

God says "Do not murder" -and we murder; we also do it with gossip. We can even bully electronically now - "cyber-bullying" - and bring such pressure that a child wants to commit suicide. Will commit suicide.

Children are so easily victims. They do not automatically know how to chose right from wrong: they only know what feels good, feels bad. They have to be taught wisdom and discernment. They accept all messages even if the bearer is false.

We call addicts 'adult children' because of their 'do what feels good' behavior and lack of judgment skills. We know the source of their pain is often in their childhood, and a lack of loving discipline and false messages. We know God can heal that entire arena, but it has to be a 'trust event' - they have to believe God is Good and God Wants to Help.

Do I have research to back this up? I have only my personal experience - and the experience of about 10 million others.

And of course, holy scripture.

LOL -It IS how Jesus makes us feel - SPECIAL!!
[ LOL! This IS how He makes us ALL feel! :) ]

So, if you are hurting this Valentine's Day - or just need a reminder - please watch "The Father's Love Letter" on YouTube.

And for those believers who grew up in rather strict Christian traditions [you know who you are] you may have gotten an overdose of your responsibilities to God, not His response or love to YOU -His amazing grace to YOU.

Please watch and be assured: God loves you. [YouTube link: ]

Happy Valentines Day, children of God.


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