Monday, January 10, 2011

Inception Pt. 2


Don't argue - RUN!

OKaaaaayyyyy.... warned you twice....

A lot of people have been arguing about the ending of Inception, because director/writer Christopher Nolan ends with Cobb's 'tell' - the object that identifies if he is dreaming or not - is still spinning when the film ends.

If you listen carefully, you DO begin to hear it wobble - still, he cut the scene tightly enough, and it is so similar to the last time he saw his children, we the audience are left to guess if he is awake or dreaming of his return home. [ YouTube link: ]

Why did Nolan do this? To leave it up to the audience? No. It seems he was saying something about Cobb's - and our human - heart, and one reviewer picked up on it.

From Screenrant [ ]:
At the beginning of the film, after the first job Cobb’s team tries to pull on Saito, we see Cobb sitting in his hotel room alone, spinning the top and watching it intently, gun in hand. This is a guy who is ready to blow his brains out if the top keeps spinning, in order to “wake himself up.” That’s how obsessed and paranoid he’s become.

Throughout the film, Cobb continues to obsess about spinning the top and verifying reality – however, at the end of movie, he spins the top and walks away from it before he can verify if it stops spinning or not. His kids come running in and Cobb couldn’t care less about about the top or “true reality” or extraction/inception anymore. He just wants to be with his children, in whatever place he can be with them. That emotional connection and desire is “reality” enough for him.

Such is the danger of a wrong thought in our deepest hearts and what it can bring forth. Such is the power of achieving our dreams - we do not care anymore what reality is - we GOT what we desired.

I have done both in my life - had thoughts so poisonous that they ruined reality and had what I dreamed for ALMOST come true - and if I had closed my eyes, they would have - but I had to force myself to look at reality and not be ensnared by their beauty.

You too, I bet. Have you ever met a person you thought would complete you, make you whole, and be all you wanted? If they were a mortal, you asked too much of them.

That place belongs to God, maker of true reality.

I know some people who are very happy in their dreams - and they do not want to be woken up by 1) death, 2) loss and 3) personal guilt.

But those are the very things that awaken us that THIS world is not our home, just as Cobb was awakened in Limbo by Mal. [By the way, Mal, short for Mallory, is also an important name - 'Mal' means 'bad' in Latin. Or consider it phonetically: 'Mal' = 'maul' - to be viciously attacked and wounded by a beast - i.e. exactly how she acts in the end when rejected by Cobb.]

We are awakened from our poor dreams by such awful things, it is a crime to speak of them without compassion. Are they really necessary? Unfortunately, yes.

When a child is shot or a leader is assassinated, we weep and ask 'Why'?

When our heart is shattered into a million pieces and we are told we are no longer wanted, or needed, or desirable,too old, too unfit, we cry out at the unfairness of a world which makes promises it CANNOT keep, and ask 'WHY?!'

I do not want to detract from the joy of Cobb being re-united with his children in the film by saying it was another dream. No, I think he is NOT dreaming in the sense he is trapped in Limbo - because he went there to save Saito and DID confront Mal. He listened to Ariadne and HAD made a physical and emotional break with late wife.

He IS cautious when he comes awake, seeking confirmation it is NOT a dream.

But Nolan will not let you rest with ONE answer, and I suppose I won't either.

"Is this another dream that must end? Do you care if it is? That is, are you willing to face reality?"

While many Christians are accused of 'not facing reality' I am afraid that charge cannot be laid on them justly.

In Christianity, we say flatly these things:

1) This world is NOT as God intended. Corruption, sadness, pain and death are everywhere due to Man's original disobedience and current continuing disobedience.

2) There are many temptations to ensnare us in this world - and we are prone to listen to them. We want to avoid God and embrace temporary idols to grant us our desires and make us happy.

3) Knowing this, God sent into this world a Man who was His Son, directly connected to Him. Unable to be seduced or misdirected, loving the unlovable, understanding without condemning or condoning sin. He is the 'tell' for the world. He alone was perfectly sane and knew our hearts, inside and out.

4) In His sacrifice, and His work alone, we can have the power to BE sane - awake - non-dreaming. We can also be fearless of death - for we will awake and be put into our new homes with new bodies thanks to Him.

I think a lot of us need Him WAY before we realize Him.

That immortal gave us the 'kick' that wakes us all up. The baptism by water that makes us realize what we should know: 'We are dreaming if we think this world holds all our happiness.'

For Christians, the cross is our 'tell.' It keeps us focused on what we are here for.

And no matter what dreams may come, no matter how beautiful they are, here they must end.

But for those in Christ, losing a dream is not the end - they become our 'kicks' - our dying to ourselves - to wake us up, and bring us up and up - and out of the almost real into the Real.

Where God does indeed dwell and is in all. Where there is no deception - even self-deception - and love and joy never end.


p.s. For further reading, read Revelations 21.

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