Saturday, December 4, 2010

Injustice, Inc.

Sorry its been so long. I have had a hundred things hit me and between a wake to attend, snow to shovel, books to read and a house to clean, I am pretty much out of energy.

Oh I usually have so much I can keep flying but recently my heart was emptied at realizing I have spent 10 years of my life trying to get my favorite RPG, Villains and Vigilantes to come back to life only to find that now that it has happened, a dogpile of deceit has become attached to it.

Let's just put it this way: even though it is PERFECTLY CLEAR that the creators should ethically and legally have back their rights to both the copyright and the trademark, they are going to have to fight to make sure the original publisher - who's corporation disappeared 20 years ago - stops publishing materials that use the trademark they are using.

They own both legally. [Contract is clear and the conditions of their ownership have been met. When the parent corporation went defunct, they got all their rights back.]

They own both copyright and trademark ethically. [They created both. Then they got up and said "This is ours!" and then proceeded to submit the proper documentation. They have claimed both 'children' as their own. They made this public. VERY public.]

They own both morally. [This was not stolen from someone else. It IS their property. For over 20 years they were not aware that they owned it with the parent corporation becoming defunct. They found out at the beginning of this year and FINALLY, exercised their rights - oh, and they had been ASKING to 'buy back' their rights previously. Can you imagine the sheer ANGER they must have felt, discovering they were being asked to pay tens of thousands of dollars for something THAT WAS THEIRS BY LEGAL RIGHT? It boggles the mind.]

Unfortunately, human drama cannot be avoided because we all have an amazing capacity to justify our actions even as we point fingers.

That's injustice for you.


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