Friday, December 31, 2010

The Immortal War

As promised, I return to the subject of immortality as a cautionary tale in fiction, and, I believe, will actually occur in real life - within the next hundred years or so.

Very briefly, let me caution the reader that God DOES want to give us eternal life - and that will include real, physical, corporeal bodies that will never grow old or age or die or suffer disease, hardship from environment, etc. According to the Bible we who believe in Christ and have trusted Him with our lives are to be given these bodies in the resurrection.

But that is a resurrection - and it is God chooses who lives and who does not. Not money, nor mind, nor mystic ability - just the Creator.

Well, we humans don't like Him making that decision. We want to. As Victor Frankenstein says in Frankenstein: The True Story, "I'd make a pact with the DEVIL if he would show me how to bring my [loved one] back to life!"

Indeed, as the story pans out, Frankenstein learns the secret and it is devilish. In his Faustian enlightenment, he brings a horrible curse down on himself and his wife and unborn child because of his brilliant mind, broken heart and lack of omniscience.

He destroys every one he loves by creating this 'Adam' who is a conglomeration of mind and spirit of different souls and different body parts. The Creature even quotes the Bible to find a name for himself "My name is LEGION for we are MANY!"

Now the fun thing about movie horror is that it is safely distanced from you. You don't have to deal with it.

But we will, poppets. We will.

From a controversial article by The Guardian, some data stands out:

The aging process is poorly understood, but scientists know it is caused by many factors. Highly reactive particles called free radicals are made naturally in the body and cause damage to cells, while smoking, ultraviolet light and other environmental factors contribute to aging.

The Harvard group focused on a process called telomere shortening. Most cells in the body contain 23 pairs of chromosomes, which carry our DNA. At the ends of each chromosome is a protective cap called a telomere. Each time a cell divides, the telomeres are snipped shorter, until eventually they stop working and the cell dies or goes into a suspended state called "senescence". The process is behind much of the wear and tear associated with aging.

So if you could stop the 'snipping' of the telomeres, we'd keep on going - at least further than we live now.

Many therapies are being hunted down, but the hope is that by extending our death date again and again, a form of immortality may be found to stop the process altogether.

Say we can give you a treatment of certain drug therapies over the course of a year. Then on top of that we replace some of your organs - from ones we have cloned from your own body when it was younger. AS long as we have spare parts and a good hand, you can be rebuilt biologically. Like restoring a '57 Chevy.

I'd be all for this except for that fair warning I read in the Bible about the Beast being literally able to shrug off a fatal wound - and the WHOLE WORLD marveled. soon, he's got them all in his hand. You can't buy or sell without his mark.

Why? Well, folks, if this anti-Christ has the secret to immortality and gives it to you, you belong to him. But that's not all. By REFUSING to have his mark, you are saying you want to live a normal life. That means you will age and die and no longer be productive. So why should you be fed or cared for? You are part of the problem, not the solution.

You would have to be eliminated, you waster of resources you!

Oh -I have to go - it's getting to be be bedtime....


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