Friday, November 19, 2010


First, I LIKE Ryan Reynolds; I think he CAN pull off the serious, well-intentioned hero, but got way-too-many-girls-after-him attitude.

But when a superhero trailer STARTS OFF with sex appeal, I get worried. Sure, its there - but its secondary by far...

I also prefer a little more verisimilitude in their public heroic presentation. That means updating a hero's costume to look good on film - but not going SO far as to make it overly weird or complicated. Sorry to say, I'm not a total fan of the aesthetics of the presented suit - the mask is REALLY throwing me off - but I will withhold my judgment until I see it more in action.

[In my interpretation, all GLs where a form fitting bio-suit like the Freemen in Dune. The Green Vestiture is added over that to show their rank, species, and gender. The white gloves are like our Beta cloth protection gauntlets - those rings drip energy in EVERY spectrum and GLs need them on to be safe in most cases. And justifying the 'mask'? That's a retinal, nasal, voice print shield for officers wanting to remain anonymous. In other words, its FAR more than a mask - and its good at granting higher levels of vision and hearing as well!]

The heart of the GL Corps is that they are swashbuckling, never-say-die, cavaliers roaming across the universe to protect life and promote peace and justice. Let me show you the official trailer - and then a fan-made trailer that got everyone all excited.

See which one appeals more to you or leaves a more heroic taste in your mouth.



While Ryan Reynolds looks good and there is a lot of 'Iron Man' vibe and energy going on, I'm afraid the fan-made nails the epic grandeur we fans really want.

There's QUITE a bit of difference between Tim Burton's Batman and Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. Both are good but Nolan's really gets closer to capturing the fierce intelligence and driven attitude of an urban vigilante realistically.

Ah well. I think it'll fly.


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