Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Key to the Fantastic Four Re-Boot, Pt. 2

I got a couple of "Likes" from two of my published readers last week on the FF Re-Boot I suggested - all I can say is thank you! Approval by knowledgable peers [i.e. UBER-geeks] is a source of great satisfaction. ;)

We left off with Victor becoming the new monarch of Latveria, and it begs a question of how we could show this "CNN style" and get the audience to fear, respect and accept our super-science magic using villain as 'the real deal.'

With Victor as a master of robotics - and that would include robot tanks, robot planes, robot enforcers - he would not need a human army to hold Latveria. And since he would NOT appreciate our 'eyes in the sky' he'd probably either keep Latveria under a light cloud cover [using sorcery] or just scramble the snot out of any satellite above Latverian airspace, say in a 30 degee cone.

We'd grab some footage from the Iraqi War and just re-title it "Latverian Drone Fighter: footage supplied by Latverian Military Forces to CNN" and show the deadly precision of this and other robotic drone craft.

We would also see Stark as Iron Man meet with Doctor Doom - in front of U.N. and shake hands. "Latveria is a soveriegn nation - and America will respect her autonomy!" says Tony Stark. Real Reason: US is glad Doom is bringing SOME stability there and, like when Saddam Hussein was put in power, think it better to have Doom than no one.

Another reason: Doom has powerful EM generators and shielded electronic systems, enough to stop Iron Man cold should he dare cross their border. It's a bloody technological stalemate. [Stark whispers as he shakes Doom's hand: "Nice armor. Sure you designed it?" to which Doom would reply "You should have known I was your superior when I was at M.I.T., Stark. Pray you do not offend me now that I am a monarch."

And for a second, just a second, Stark's systems shut down. They re-boot and Tony says "Jarvis, what the hell was that?!" "I'm sorry sir, but I was given a command to reboot by you, was I not?"

Close-up on Doom's eyes behind his face-plate. They twinkle with malevolence. He speaks loudly to the crowd and newshounds while still gripping Iron Man's hand: "I, Victor von Doom, am proud to see we have clarified our new relationship with the United States and all of its... citizens."


He rockets away and the TV cameras track him.

We turn OFF the TV and find ourselves with Reed and Ben and Johnny and Sue.

"He's been busy..." says Reed, shaking his head. Around him we see blueprints, a mock-up of a space ship, trajectory plans on a white board. Obviously, it s a think tank for someone planning on going into space.

"Yeah - well so are we!" grouses Grimm as he looks at the model spaceship. "Listen Reed, NASA ain't going for this privitization of spaceflight using the engines junior here's designed. I even talked to the CEO of Virgin Atlantic, beggin' him to just listen, and he ain't coming on board either, 'cept to say 'good luck'!"

"That and a buck will get you a cup of coffee at McDonald's," snorts Johnny who's doing some more 3D engine design on his laptop.

"Reed - we've just about run out of funds, HOW are we going to pay for this?" says Sue as she hand him some coffee and puts her arm around him - its CLEAR she loves her man.

Reed grins and gives her an over-the-shoulder smooch. "I don't know Suze... corporations do like helping corporations..."

He stops. He's looking at a picture of Times Square. He looks at a McDonald's logo. He looks at a Nike logo. He starts grinning.

"Listen up everyone! We are going to form a corporation! We are ALSO going to get sponsorships and sell stock - with enough investors, we will have the money. Johnny - what was that site that shows what everyone's doing by video? New Tube?"

"YOU Tube!" corrects Johnny.

"How about we show EVERYONE what its like to fly - LIVE?! They'll pay $10 for a LIVE video feed - and we will send them a copy later."

"Sort of Reality TV in Space?"

"Yes! And we will get sponsors as we build, sponsors for our launch..."

Even Grimm starts smiling. "We're gonna be famous." Then sighs. "But who will do the talking Reed? You get too high-brow all the time, and hotshot here..." Johnny responds with an obscene gesture; Ben returns it casually. "...he don't know when to stop!"

"Sue," says Reed. "She's great with people!"

Sue looks horrified. "I'd rather disappear! Reed! You can't put me in front of a camera!"

"Why not, sis?" smirks Johnny. "You DO look pretty good in front of one. Remember the ads you did for Sweet Sixteen? And how many guys came calling?"

"That was ten years ago!" she protests. "I'm big and fat now!" All the guys look at each other and just shake their heads. Obviously Susan has NO idea of how pretty she is. Reed starts laughing.

Reed puts his arms on her shoulders. "Susan, you'd be FANTASTIC. And we need you."

She scowls and looks around at the guys who both give her a thumbs up of approval.

"FINE!" she huffs. "Well, MISTER Fantastic, what would you call our corporation?"


FANTASTIC FOUR, INC. is in bold blue stylized letters on office door.


We'll continue next week.

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Eh...I know I'm not Marvel Comics' target audience anymore, but I for one wish any new Marvel movies would take place when they were meant to happen, back in the '60s.

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