Saturday, August 21, 2010

What If...

What If... is a movie starring Kevin Sorbo [of Hercules and Andromeda fame], Kristy Swanson and John Ratzenberger [Cheers, ALL the Pixar films]. It tells the tale of a man who refuses his ministerial calling for the world of high finance - and is shown by God what his life COULD have been had he followed his calling to be a minister.

What is chilling is how UN-dangerous and sharp and wise and generous he is even as he is 'in the world.' But - as the film progresses - it IS second-best and frankly, empty of love and warmth and family. [Same message was in Iron Man if you were awake.]

If God showing him his OTHER life sounds familiar, you must have seen It's a Wonderful Life. The difference is, the structure is neatly reversed: he has to go back to his empty life and DECIDE to take whatever steps he can to 'restore' or 'recoup' the family life he has been missing over the last 15 years. So, this is not a slam-dunk. He may only get something LIKE it if he returns to God's calling...

Suffice to say, I loved the film. I was very impressed with the quality, dramatic timing and respect given by the actors. It is not going to win any Oscars, but if you ARE a believer in Christ and want a movie to watch with your family, you must see it.

My one complaint: the title is too uninformative and vague. It should have been "A Road Not Taken" or something similar, in reference to the great poem by Robert Frost and the lead character's choices.

We make decisions - and they have consequences. Let us pray God give us His counsel and that we would have the courage to listen.

Enjoy these two amazing videos of these famous poems done for the Union Bank of Switzerland.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

If... by Rudyard Kipling


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