Monday, July 19, 2010

Back from the Dead: Villains & Vigilantes 2.1!

V&V 2.1The most amazing thing has happened this past month. Not too far short of a miracle.

A superhero role-playing game from the 80's that I had loved but finally gave up on has came back from the dead. Villains and Vigilantes is now being produced again, and Jeff Dee and Jack Herman are in charge; they got their rights back and its available online at RPGNow.

Now this is a fun game - and it had many little quirks that needed adjustment - but we who loved it waited and waited and waited for it to be renewed and revised and resurrected. We had created entire worlds using its rules while in our teens, for crying out loud!

Well, people got in the way. Personalities didn't mesh and frankly, the ship, she seemed to be dead. After 10 years of talking about how this and that could be done to revive the system - and after I'd even pitched in how several people could work together to put out a 'fanboy supplement' - I gave up the ghost. Exactly 30 days later [OK... close enough] I found out that it is finally back in the creative control of the original writers!


The funny thing about resurrections is that you'd think everyone would be happy about them, but they can produce the strangest reactions.

In John 12, immediately after seeing Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead, Judas bitches that money expended in loving gratitude on Jesus could have been given to 'the poor' [i.e. himself]. Furthermore, the religious leaders and legal authorities begin planning a double homicide - one for Jesus and one for Lazarus - since he did come back from the dead by Jesus' command.

You ever wonder why?

I think people don't want to lose control. I think people get fearful if someone does something they cannot. Personally, I experienced so much hatred, terror and rancor for even suggesting fans call the original editor of V&V and try to talk to him about getting V&V going again, that I was nearly run into the ground.

But now that Jeff and Jack have full control, I know the fans will rest easier. There's only one problem. Jeff has spent over a decade working on a different system. Does he really want to "go back to the way things were"?

I doubt it. I also doubt he will listen to any suggestions we fans have made over those 20 years. But just for the record, here's my top 10 changes for V&V, in case I am wrong [and I DO hope I am].


10. Add Will as a stat [Endurance of Mind/Soul]

9. Change Level vs. Levels mods to simple formula [for every 2 or 3 levels difference, +/- 1 to hit]

8. Make Experience Point rewards based on TIME in COMBAT and ACTIONS.

7. Simplify the Combat Table [about half the size]

6. Have an A, B and C-level for nearly All Powers - with A being lowest, B twice that, C twice that.

5. Killing Rules based on a form of Special Attack [blood loss between turns] so you won't have to do TANK damage to kill a Normal.

4. Chase Rules for cars, flying heroes, etc.

3. Add ALL Stats for Power Score.

2. Add Skills - keep them simple however.

1. Switch the AGI and STR Hit Point modifiers. [DUH!]

There's more I would do, but that would definitely re-vitalize V&V in my mind.

Jeff and Jack - thanks for the memories. I hope you do well.

It's not every day you see a corpse rise from the dead.


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