Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jen, We Missed You

I just got news that Jennifer Knapp has resurfaced after a 5-year hiatus. She's back and making music (See www.JenniferKnapp.com)

Many of us who were converted in the mid-90's got a huge gift of musically savvy Christ-following artists who did not care if their stuff was popular or not. Jars of Clay, DC Talk, Michael Card and Jennifer Knapp were the forerunners.

Unfortunately, the Christian music industry is a business, an institution to make profit, and so a lot of men and women who are fairly direct in proclaiming God and OUR sin (thus our need for Him), tended to be marginalized. There's a LOT of good Christian music that ain't getting airtime folks.

Jennifer was one of those who was raw, strong and vocal. However, she was not an aim-fire-kill Christian (*sigh* unlike self), but she was very real and very strong. She had had irreligious life that turned hellish before meeting Christ and so she speaks and sings passionately from the heart of being a redeemed soul, grabbed by Christ.

No more to be said. If you've heard her, you stopped and said "That doesn't sound like any Christian music I know!" Yeah, and that's a shame. 70% of the Psalms are of lament. Jennifer brings in a folk-singer and blues sensibility that truly expresses how we all feel at times in this world. You do not have to be a Christian to appreciate her music - but you cannot escape the fact that her faith in Christ is what is saving her soul.

Here she is - and the start of this video is precious because she obviously missed her cue or forgot her lyrics for a brief second.

Jen, welcome back.


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