Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fight Club and Death by Suburb

I love seeing new things happen, but I am sometimes weary (and wary) of changes-especially those made by an outside entity who may or may not be concerned with HOW those changes disrupt my life.

I like to think I am bolder and more courageous than the average guy - travel abroad, teach in jail, live daily with no income, etc. Fact is, I'm probably FAR more timid. Give me a schedule and a few meager comforts, and I am content.

Am I ambitious? Not much.

And that saddens me and makes me realize I am just one of the many American underachievers who have very little reason to excel, to change our world.

Like Ed Norton's character in Fight Club, we bemoan the banality of our consumerist existence in America. Buying stuff out of IKEA catalogs to make us more comfortable and, theoretically happier, when in fact, we might need the opposite: challenges and changes.

I'm not suggesting self-abuse as a way of 'toughening up', but rather refusing to 'buy-into' the idea of worldly happiness.

I've noticed that the less stuff I have, the less I have to worry. I accumulate books and clothing like a prince, so I have no fear of going naked.

I guess all I want to do now is obey and use my talents to grow in Christ.

That requires change.

And change requires courage.

Lord, give me the courage and wisdom to change.


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