Monday, August 31, 2009

"I AM DOOM!" (not really - God takes charge. Again) Pt. 4

I have been working all week on this costume, even getting so stressed out that I cancelled a Friday evening get together and got so little sleep I missed worship on Sunday.

I was obsessed with having the BEST Dr. Doom I could make.

Just in case, though, I had a Green Lantern costume I had been working on. Much less effort. Simply black tights, boots, a green vest & mask and big ring (which I had hand-made last year).

Now, this event was in Rockford, IL and I had to suffer through driving a full hour in one of the most gorgeous Mid-Western days I have ever seen. Skies so blue that you swear it has been retouched in Photoshop - a long horizon over flat fields so wide that you swear you have a virtual reality helmet on or something. Just breath-takingly beautiful, but I was so worried I almost could not enjoy it.

I sped to make up time. As I exited the proper ramp, I looked at the arrow for Loves' Park. I saw it pointing left, so I went left. After another 15 minutes of driving, praying in grousing frustration (I'm late with a costume 90% finished, you see), I ask for directions. Seems I was supposed to go RIGHT as I exited. It was only another 300 yards to the stadium.

I am NOW stressed and livid. I ask "Why, Daddy?!" (meaning God) as I whip my vehicle around. I KNOW I was looking right at the sign. I KNOW it said left. I KNOW I was eager to go EITHER direction. HOW did I miss THAT?

Then I heard: "You are my son. You are not permitted to cheat."

You know that 15 minutes I 'made' by driving fast? Yep. God took them away.

Now you do not have to believe me. Heck, it was so soft, it could have just been my own guilty conscience. But it made sense. It was a ridiculous error that did EXACTLY what was necessary to show me Who's in Charge.

Then Divine Intervention Part Two: I did not say so on this board, but I had some reservations of portraying such a malevolent villain. A lot of the kids here for "Superhero Sunday" are very young and easily frightened. Two, it would be a little strange to play a Marvel villain if most or all of the other members of my team were DC Heroes.

Though, of course, Doom would win in a fight. And how could that encourage the wee little ones I ask you? ;)

Dr. Doom defeats the JLA in this commissioned art from John Byrne (from John Byrne's website)

So - at the last minute, I packed all my Green Lantern costume as well. I thought I would 'switch-out' about an hour later to be Dr. Doom (and to be fair, my crew thought it looked pretty good and were encouraging), but I just couldn't.

I was walking around as a hero with heroes and even though I had some character-recognition problems, one older lady, wearing a Peace-symbol necklace whispered "Green Lantern!" as she walked by.

She didn't recognize the costume, but she saw the logo. She had her own to wear and was keen enough to recognize mine.


So I wasn't Dr. Doom. Not this time. But rather a member of the intergalactic police corps, the Green Lanterns.

You know what? It was cool signing "Green Lantern" and drawing the GL Corps symbol on baseballs and gloves and arms in permanent magic marker.

I had a great time, and I did not have to be a villain nor "cheat" to do it. We all stand behind some symbol, something that identifies who we are.

And maybe, just maybe, that's what God is trying to teach me - and us all - one way or another.


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