Saturday, August 29, 2009

"I AM DOOM! (for real this time) Pt. 3

One of the challenges in creating my Dr. Doom costume - and blessings - is that the good doctor has so many faces!

I am familiar with the 70's - 80's version with John Byrne doing the face one specific way. As I searched through the web, I found many different versions of his iron mask.

One has lots of rivets, one has a set opening for the jaw, another permits the jaw to move. One is more smooth and curvy, showing an almost alien line - another looks like pig iron drop forged.

So I can do my own version of his mask and still be 'canon' as it were.

But it must keep three things in my estimation:

1) It must look like Iron.
2) It must remind the viewer of a Skull (part of Kirby's original design intent)
3) It must look menacing, especially by use of the mouth piece. Utterly menacing.

You see, strangely, Doom can be shown a multitude of ways, and we still recognize him. I think between the green cloak, armored suit, and gold medallions, we have we need for a classic villain, visually dramatic and ready to take on anyone.

But that metal face with its frozen rage - THAT makes DOOM!

Another thing that makes Doom is his dialogue, his arch villainy is only completed with his extensive vocabulary being used to demean his opponents, to put them in their proper place. Like Thor, he has a distinctive way of speaking. Take that away, and you lose a major part of Dr. Doom.

On the blog Occasional Superheroine, by Valerie D'Orazio, the failure of one writer Brian Michael Bendis -is lifted up for examination. [Bendis has won a lot of recognition; he's good, but here he put words in Doom's mouth that are both lame and offensive]:

John Byrne, possibly one of the "grandaddies" of comics, who also used to write Fantastic Four back in the 80's and did a great job of exploring Doom's character put up his version of the same scene:

Classy yet threatening. Menacing and malevolent with disdain oozing out of his very stance. [Note: I know this was a commission for someone else, but Byrne choose it for this reason - Doom's aloofness - and a strange pistol in his right hand. Now THAT'S how the Ruler of Latveria shoud speak and act!

In the same way, we can mischaracterize even God. We CAN know His heart and His tone - if we hear God's Word - if we get to know Him.

I won't belabor the point, but I have come to realize that the Bible doesn't scream at me any more about how bad I am.

It rather shows me now Who I belong to - and where I no longer fit in.

Above, it is clear Brian Michael Bendis does NOT have an ear for Dr. Doom's dialogue.

You know what? I can "hear" how Christ says things now when I read scripture. I've been able to do it for years, actually, but I just realized - again- what a gift it was to me. Formerly "condemning" passages are now comforting - all because the 'tone' is different.

Liek those e-mails you get that can set an office to war because the 'tone' or 'voice' in one was not perceived correctly, I think many people read the Bible wrongly. They hear the wrong voice.

They therefore get God's character all wrong.

I'll hope to touch more on this later, but until then, when you read the Bible, and if you are a Believer, why don't you imagine Some One who loves you unconditionally speaking to you, telling you what happened and what is best for you?

The difference might be night and day.

Or the difference between heaven and hell.


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Scott said...

Byrne is a great writer of the superhero genre; Bendis is a hack who doesn't get the superhero genre. I greatly enjoyed seeing what Byrne did to show the newbie how it's done Old School. Did you lift that off Byrne's web site?

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