Monday, August 24, 2009

"I AM DOOM!" (for real this time) Pt. 2

On Sunday, August 30th, if all goes well and I do not pass out from heat exhaustion, I will be portraying one of comicdom's greatest villains in Rockford, IL: Doctor Doom!

To inspire me as I work diligently crafting armor and a faceplate out of old Halloween materials and leftover pieces of plastic and green cloth, I created a soundtrack for the villainous Doom - sort of a "mental movie soundtrack" culled together from various CDs I had.

To do that, I had to find pathos, hi-tech sounds, tragedy and glorious melodrama. I culled work from Moby, John Williams, Steve Jablonsky and a host of others. Its weird, it's eclectic, but it works pretty well. Seeing as how Doom has been called the "Darth Vader" of Marvel Comics - I used Anakin's theme from Star Wars Episode I. It works well, as both villains fell, victims of their own pride and a twisted desire to fix their world "their way."

[Image taken from Crave Online's article "Doctor Doom takes on Darth Vader"]

You see, Victor von Doom was a bright and promising child once, running around with his gypsy family (the Roma) in Eastern Europe as war tore that area apart. Doom was created originally in 1962 or so - so if he was 27, with a hate-on for Richards just after college and his personal self-training, then he was born in 1935 or so. That means he was 10 when Hitler died and World War II ended. Comics, however, are notoriously unconcerned with real time, so we can simply imagine a young boy growing up today in war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina, near Marvel's fictional country of "Latveria", so you'll have the same basic trials and origin.

I've also recently seen the film Slumdog Millionaire about a "slumdog" - a wretchedly poor Indian boy who somehow survives the violent loss of his mother by living from trash heap to trash heap on wits alone. I though about how poverty drives so many to lie and steal just to survive, and how harsh and brutal such a world would be to a child with no mother (and no father.)

Some have said "Dr. Doom is what Iron Man would be if he were evil." Maybe. But I think Doom is what Batman would be if he were evil. Maybe a bit of both? In any event, Victor Von Doom has nothing when he wins his scholarships and opportunities to come to America. By sheer intellect and personal study, this gypsy - a European "slumdog" if you will - becomes the foremost master of robotics and even succeeds in building a time machine!

One scary dude. Oh, he also "dabbles" in mystic arts - second only to Doctor Strange himself. And wears a powered suit of armor which is able to project a forcefield that can take a small nuclear explosion.

But when he rules Latveria? This is the kicker: he is mostly benevolent. I mean, you cause Doom any trouble, you are never heard of from again, capeesh? Like Vlad Tepes, their AIN'T no crime in Latveria.

Ain't no communism either. Nor democracy. Doom rules it all as an "Enforced Monarchy."

When Doom rules supreme over his little land, he is satisfied.

And that's where it gets really scary for me and all of those who have lost homes and loved ones suddenly. We want control so we will be safe.

Dr. Strange admires sorcerous ability of Doom's mother...

What is terrible is that Victor has a GREAT human quality: a survivor's heroism, undaunted by ANYTHING. But then like so many, he lost all compassion for any who were weaker. His trials made him bitter, not better. His self-hatred at being a victim is projected outward to ensure he will never be a victim again -by anyone's hand.

If you, like me, have trouble forgiving people for ridiculing you, despising your hard work or simply being stand-offish when you desperately needed their help, do yourself a favor and ask God to intervene. Let Him love you and humble yourself enough to realize not everyone who hurts you is an enemy.

Sometimes people are just thoughtless. Sometimes you really are the smartest one in the group. Here's an ugly fact: the smarter you are, the more you are going to have to forgive, folks.

Yeah, I know someone somewhere is going to take that as a proud proclamation of my intellect, but its not: I'm talking to the smart people I personally know who have been bitten by envy, jealousy and had to suffer through mindless politics, unconscionable societal "standards" (racism, bigotry, etc.)

We are all one step from being Victor Von Doom.

Keep your cool and wait for the Lord God Almighty to handle it.

Otherwise you may just end up in an armored suit for the rest of your life, drinking your butt off (see first pic above).


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