Friday, July 10, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Well here's a movie that didn't get very far past the conservative Christian censors. Sometimes I wonder if those guys actually read the Bible -especially that big part before the New Testament.

Here's the scoop: its a Michael Bay film, full of sexy girls (I think they emptied California), slo-mo action pieces that make working in the American military seem epic and glorious and the most elaborate CGI giant robots ever to be seen on the silver screen. I have no idea what the graphics file was for this film but I'm guessing a few terabytes would be in order. Like 50 or something.

I do agree with the conservative censors though that we were treated with one too many "ain't got no reason except to be crass" small munchkin humpin' and bumpin' scenes. This movie was made/created/crafted for a 15-19 year old male who fantasizes a lot.

That said, it had some merit.

The scope of the story is simple: the Decepticons want to destroy the Earth; the Autobots want to save the Earth. Pretty straight forward.

Some stupid government know-it-all wants to blame the fight on the very presence of the Autobots. He wants them to go away so the fighting will go away.

Now here's where I agree with Michale Bay's story - too often we are treated with the idea that "all fighting is evil!" Thus: waging war is evil. Combating what is malicious and false is evil. I was treated with that philosophy in High School: it didn't matter who started the fight, BOTH would get suspended.

Well, frankly, folks, that's wrong and its stupid. It punishes the defender as if he or she is the aggressor. Furthermore, it only stops the one who considers the law as valid.

It will never stop the lawbreaker who has decided to create his own rules.

Bullies don't stop until someone bloodies their nose. Or puts them down for the count.

So this film, with all its carnality, says a few good things I liked. Here's another thing I caught on and it ain't no big revelation but Bay treated the Autobots and Decepticons as Angels and Demons, respectively.

They are from times past and otherworldly places.

They are huge, fighting epic battles as humans scurry for cover.

Also adding to the demonic aspect: in one scene, we see that a human female has become a Decepticon - or vice-versa - and so her backstory must be that she was integrated with them in some rare occurrence. (Author's note: I'm speculating a bit here, but she seems very human, though evil before her other side is revealed. Hence I think of her as a Decepticon/human hybrid or a "possessed" female.)

So I don't place this movie blindly in the "No way; not Christian enough!" bin like so many. I would like to see it edited for TV or trimmed for an airline in-flight movie though.

There is also great heroism and death and sacrifice in it, with our heroes barely saving the day after love has been professed.

I dug that, too.

So if you DO go see it, look for the greater themes. Those are godly and inspiring.

The more carnal ones - well, let's be honest. We really don't share ALL the Bible with our kids, do we?

Remember, Samson got out of bed with a prostitute to rip the city gates off.

I bet Michael Bay would've loved to have had that script to shoot!


In His Grace,


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