Monday, June 1, 2009

Mary Mother of God, Look at this Falling Damage, Pt. 2

I couldn't resist. I had to do what I do best - add a twist to a classic superhero image - in this case, the front cover of Villains and Vigilantes. (The formula given is not quite accurate - you must take the square root of the Basic Hits, not divide by two, but the result is the same.)

Funny thing about trying to fix this old rule is that you run into some nasty problems. One of which is that the characters in the game have real 'flex time' for their actions. Each Turn of 15 seconds is divided into phases, and though we are told that's "approximately one second" each, that's not dead-on accurate, either.

You see, each Player rolls a ten-sided die and adds it to their Agility to know when they go FIRST. They subtract fifteen from that number to know when they can go AGAIN.

So if you had a 26 Agility and roll a 7, you go on Phase 33, and then again on Phase 18 - and then again on Phase 3.

Other Players get different numbers (usually) and we all merge them together to know who goes WHEN. Its pretty cool because its easy to forget who goes next at a table of 4 people with 3 villains fighting them. :D

But if you DO have more than fifteen phases in a turn - here we had at least 33 - then a phase cannot equal a second, and therefore you cannot calculate the rate of a falling object in time because you have no idea if the phase is a second, half-second, quarter-second, etc. UNTIL Initiative is rolled for everybody.

In other words, the Turn is like a large pie - and depending on how good everyone rolls, it slices up differently. It's like the old joke: "Hey - how big a pizza do we need for everybody?" "We got eight people coming, dude!" "So Medium, Large or Extra-Large?" "Aren't you listening? We need EIGHT slices for EIGHT people. Who cares what size you get?"

With more phases, the length of time to act shortens. And this is bad because falling through space is definitely time-based: 32' per second/per second. You fall +32' each SECOND you fall.

In order to avoid confusion in my own mind, I replaced "32'" with an x to visualize what happens to an objects velocity / acceleration each second.

TIME...DISTANCE ["X" = 32']
5.............XXXXX [Resisting Human Body = about 125 mph]
9.............XXXXXXXXX [Terminal Velocity / "Bullet Dive" = about 200 mph]

So what do we learn from this spiritually, kiddos? Acceleration over time can be very confusing, and its easy to make a massive error, so don't try to guess the time or date when Judgment Day is coming.

You see, events are unfolding, and yes, the signs are there, but EVERYTHING must be completed in the framework of God's Timing.

We have learned in the 20th century that space/time is relative to the Observer. So therefore, we have to have a very broad view of time to look at it like God does. It is a mere ruler, a measuring stick used at our convenience.

So the next time someone says "Christ is coming soon!" because they see all these 'bad things' happening, you can agree with them.

But "soon" to God and "soon" to Man are too vastly different things.

The Creator of the Universe sets the dates and times when all things will occur, and we as mortals will probably see it clearly the very moment it is all over.

Jesus said that we were NOT going to know, so we might as well get busy loving each other in the time we have, instead of worrying when and how the future will get here.

'Cause it IS coming, no doubt. One second at a time, one day at a time.


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james said...

I realize you didn't ask for topic requests, but I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts in upcoming blog posts about some of these topics.

Since Jesus was basically non-violent, is there something non-Christian (or at least non-Christlike) in the way superheroes respond to problems?

Which heroes in comics are the most Christ-like, regardless of their religious beliefs?

How do you feel about the way the netherworld, magic, or mythological pantheons--have been presented in comics?

Just some thoughts...

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