Friday, May 22, 2009

25 Years in the Making

Knightstar - (c) 2009 Justice Carmon
That's my premiere character to the right - Knightstar. I am finishing up a novel about him and his buds right now.

And I have finally gotten off of my duff to put together my old rules variants for Villains and Vigilantes. While it is still up in the air whether or not I will use other contributors, I am just sick of waiting for someone else to do it.

And I am lazy. It has taken me 25 years to do this thing I like.

I began compiling my data and today I scanned in bits of old artwork I had done over the years - and you know what? I liked a lot of it but I had too little of it. I have been living in "survivor mode" for years, thanks in large part to my debt and lack of faith in the skills God gave me.

I gotta get more pro-active.

Anyway, I thought I'd showcase some stuff from decades past.

Enjoy.(Oh, BTW, these characters are all copyrighted by me and in some cases I have a co-creator, so don't get too frisky and claim them as your own. Even if I do not go after you, they might.)

Starbolt (c) Justice Carmon & Thomas BiffleStarbolt - the fastest man in the galaxy! My buddy Thomas Biffle, and I created him back in 1980. Think DCU's Animated Flash meets Quasar.

Vengeance - the avatar of divine retribution. My friend Scott Craig created this character as an Egyptian deity's "agent". Scott loved the Dark Phoenix saga and it shows in this flame-based character. Think Human Torch meets Wildfire. Yeah - he had a REAL MEGABLAST!

Lupran Assault fighter - our cosmic bad guys were alien werewolves who merged tech and magic. This was their assault fighter. Think ROM Spaceknight's Dire Wraiths meet Werewolf by Night.

Turbohawk - DEFINITELY all mine. I love this urban vigilante with bionics. Think Six Million Dollar Man meets Batman. To wit, a paraplegic veteran from the Iraq War is drinking himself stupid in the rougher areas of Chicago when he gets mugged and his live is saved by a kid called "Crowbar" (see below). Next day, at the veteran's hospital he's offered a second chance and a new program - the "cybersoldier" program codenamed Blackbird X. He's gonna get new arms, legs and even wings so he can fly! (Its the cape, natch). Takes it on condition the kid stays with him as his helper and personal aide.

So is born "Turbohawk and Crow".

Here's Crowbar - now just called "Crow". (He's a little too "lily white" here - in production he'll be more African-American.

Well that's it for now.

Back to work.

Thank you Jesus for all the neat ideas.

They helped me see you better.


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