Monday, April 20, 2009

Columbine Tragedy and "I Am Death"

I had just begun working with kids in the inner city of Memphis at a Christian private school when I heard the news. I had quit working for O'Connor Kenny and Partners, Inc. as a Web Designer in November, hoping to get by on freelance. No such luck. By January, I was volunteering at The Neighborhood School, in two weeks I was offered a job as an After School Program Assistant and by two months I was asked to be the first "House Father" for 4 At-Risk boys.

Then we got the news.

Some young emotionally disturbed teens - evidently of the angry atheist variety - had gone into Columbine High School and begun shooting the students. Early reports said one girl, Cassie Bernall, had been asked "Do you believe in God?" to which she replied "Yes." The shooter then said "Why?" and blew her head off without giving her a chance to reply.

That was the story. Now, 10 years later, on several atheist websites that is being challenged. In fact, the FBI has accepted the testimony of other witnesses that this is not what happened.

She was simply shot in the head for no other reason than being there.

But Cassie was indeed a Christian. She had very much been changed by coming to Christ earlier. Another girl it seems was asked the question and her response, AFAIK did not elicit a gunshot.

Here's what's tragically amusing.

The atheists are slobberingly angry that 'one of them' was accused of killing Cassie Bernall for her belief. In fact, she was just casually murdered.

By atheists. By godless boys with deep anger in their hearts, hurt over their perceived rejection by peers.

Now not all rationalists, naturalists, etc. who place no faith in God or Christ are murderers. It is not a sufficient cause to prompt anyone to go shooting.

But I think losing all faith in God and His ultimate justice is a necessary cause to become a murderer. You have to think 'I'll fix this problem with my own two hands!' You have to believe there will be no Greater Authority who will fix it other than yourself.

"If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!"

Ever hear that?

You see, I think these boys were damned angry - and wanted to express their pain on as many people as possible before ending their own lives. We see the murder/suicide pattern often. First, you kill others. Then, you kill yourself.

Recently, I read the novella I Am Death by Gary Amdahl. Its the story of a Chicagoland reporter who is invited by a legendary mob boss to help him write his biography. Without giving too much away, lets just say it ends surprisingly, as surprisingly as Joe Pesci's voiceover ended in the film GoodFellas.

I have to go, and I guess I will finish this blog later today, but for now, the facts of life and death point to our hearts as the biggest factor in deciding who lives and dies. We have enough freedom and ammo - metaphorically and physically - to kill lots of souls.

There is a reason Judas hung himself.

There is a reason Pilate washed his hands and capitulated to the mob and let Jesus be crucified.

Atheism lives in each one of us. We have to decide whether there is justice and judgment by a righteous Judge or not.

If we trust Him, it tends to work out. Even death cannot end our journey.

If we do not trust Him, it tends to come to great evil. Even death cannot end our pain.


Maybe I do not need to come back after all. Jesus said "Whoever believes in Me shall not die but live."

Cassie knew that. Her life on this Earth was only a few hours shorter than her attackers, but she lived far better.

And is far happier - right now.



Janet Temperance said...

Additionally, "But I think losing all faith in God and His ultimate justice is a necessary cause to become a murderer."?

Like abortion-clinic bombers? Like the Crusades? Like the Spanish Inquisition? Like all the murders taken in the name of God?

Justice said...

Precisely, Janet - you got it!

You see, several Psalms are written, lamenting the delayed justice of God - but the psalmist also usually ends "I shall hope in the Lord God". In other words, when we take matters into our own hands, we are saying God is laying down on the job.

I find it interesting you brought up abortion clinic bombs, since I believe murder is occurring within those clinics. Also the Crusades were, AFAICT a response to 300 years of aggressive Muslim conquest. The bloodletting of the Crusaders does not begin to compare to the bloodletting of the Muslim conquerors. You might want to check your historical timeline on that. compare the beginnings of Christianity to the beginnings of the Muslim faith.

The Spanish Inquisition, though naming "God", was pathetically ungodly in all of it works. Much like the Sanhedrin convening in the middle of the night to condemn Christ for 'blasphemy', I do not consider them to be any form of "godly" action..

The Bible is clear that using God's Name for a poor purpose will backfire on the user.


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