Friday, March 20, 2009

Evan Almighty

I was out roaming last night, excited about having done four amazing things:
1) I had, by direct prayer and inspired ingenuity been able to fix my sports watch, which I love and bought just to go with me to India, but whose plastic vacuum-formed band had snapped, leaving me with a perfectly functional watch minus 2 mm of absolutely necessary plastic.With two tiny screws, a length of flat flexible magnetic strip and an old high-impact plastic clasp, rescued from a now-defunct nylon strap, I was able to re-create my watch's "band loop" - and it looked cool and tough and - well, I likes it, precious, yes I do.

2) I cleared out my overstuffed checkbook and replaced the cover with a leather beauty. Never has $12.49 had such a lovely home.

3) I answered a call about my credit card from the fraud department of my bank. Yep, I became a victim of fraud. Good news - we are all safe now and very little was taken using my account.

4) I canceled my sports club membership, made easier by the fact that the card I'd used WAS the card that soon afterwards got the fraud. And THAT is strange, because I thought I was handing them my debit card, but no, I gave them my credit card. So it was over before I knew it was over.

That's a strange phrase, you know? "It was over before I knew it was over."

As if we should know things - all things - in advance.

Soooo - I went out roaming, as my landlady baked brownies, and I tried to go to a very cool store that has all things geeky - from Star Trek: TOS videos to Dr. Who figures to The Matrix maquettes. They even had a Green Lantern power battery - a mini for about $175.

Yeah. The store of the super geeks.

I was too late; they had closed at 7:00. But the lady owner was so kind as to let me in to look just for a few minutes, as I had driven five miles to get there. I looked and thanked them kindly as I left. What can I say? I am inspired by all things geeky.

Then I went to Hobby Lobby to get some materials to make my OWN Green Lantern Power Battery - yeah, its been nearly a year, we might as well do it, huh? - and ended up talking to a very very chatty lady who is just a bundle of energy and very creative and helpful - almost too much so. I could not help but think "So this is how it must be to deal with me. Thanks God - I get it."

We talked about my project and she zoomed around showing me things I could use, and nearly overloaded me with her good input. Then we talked about good movies and she told me I should watch Role Models and I told her about Lars and the Real Girl and then I got my power battery "handle" and went to Blockbuster.

I came in to find them showing Evan Almighty, where Steve Carrell is being FORCED to build this ark by God, one irresistible push/hint/nudge/coincidence after another.

I started laughing so hard I had to cover my mouth.

I got it. As I was running around so happy to be in control, I could get nowhere. [I did not tell you about the new Jars of Clay song on the radio that made me sit in my car in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby and weep uncontrollably: its lyrics are a father telling a son he will help him grow into a man, and never leave him alone.]

I got it.

I am not in charge.

You are not in charge.

God is in charge. He loves you and will put you EXACTLY where you will do the most good.

It's no good fighting, poppet. You shave it - ditch it - He'll bring it back.

You might as well finish the novel.

The flood is coming and He knows who needs it.

Get building Evan. You are not the Almighty.


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