Monday, February 23, 2009

81st Academy Awards - I wish I'd not even bothered

Not much to say.

Hugh Jackman did a great job, to be sure.

Heath Ledger, via his grieving family, got the award he gave his life for.

Then The Curious Case of Benjamin Burton BEAT Iron Man AND The Dark Knight for "Achievement in Special Effects."

I began ranting. My landlady said to me, "I don't care."

I replied I did.

Now, I know the Motion Picture Academy cannot see past their agenda often, but when in the world did doing a digital mask over ONE actor's face outshine doing a detailed muscle/skeletal one-half face replacement MATCHING the muscular movement of the actor's other normal half perfectly (Harvey Dent/Two-Face) which is a FAR greater challenge - AND about 300 other effects shots?

Or even better: Iron Man? Do you know how many seamless transitions they had to do going from practical to digital to practical again? Never mind trying to fully render realistically a man in a chrome plated suit.

So the Academy showed its agenda: give no honor to those who portray self-sacrificial heroes - especially those kinds of guys fighting terrorists.

I'm serious. What is the message in these two movies? How to repent of being a self-absorbed playboy and risk your life to serve and save others, right?

What's the message of ANY Brad Pitt movie?

Have sex with a pretty girl before you die - 'cause life is short, sucker.

And Milk? So agenda-driven I felt like I was in the First Church of Homosexual Rights Activists?

Nope. Won't be watching that one.

I would rant more, but honestly, I am a romantic, and I don't hate the opposition.

But they sure hate us.

There is no reason for The Dark Knight to be so snubbed, and movies like The Reader to come out of nowhere and be nominated.

Hollywood didn't like Iron Man and Hollywood didn't like The Dark Knight.

We did.

We know heroes, and we know a myth well told when we see it. It isn't agenda-driven, its just... well, a darn good tale that spans decades of stories about a hero.

Fifty years from now people are going to look back, like we have at previous Academy Award winners, and say "What in the world were they thinking?"

Look at the list of "Best Picture" winners from years gone by and you will see what I mean. Some may be timely stories, but they are not timeless.

It was a great year for movies.

It was awful to see so many of them treated disrespectfully.

Thank God we have a better Judge of characters and of stories.


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Scott said...

I knew better than to watch it. Prince Caspian and Wall-E were THE best movies of 2008 in my book. Were they even nominated for anything? What a joke the Oscars are...

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