Monday, January 5, 2009

Who Watches the Watchmen?

It looks like Alan Moore's masterpiece of deconstructive superheroism will be making it to the big screen on March 6, 2008 - if Warner Brothers who MADE the film can come to an agreement with 20th Century Fox who has the right to distribute the film. Yep, strangely, the lawyers and agents and big-deal makers missed this one. So after WB made it, got it done and is doing the final prep for release, the fine suits at 20th Century Fox showed up to sue them.

The irony is that the recurring theme in this movie is "Who Watches the Watchmen?" It seems no one was watching the Watchmen property. Once it was invested with millions of dollars, lo and behold, 20th Century Fox appears saying "A-ha! Caught you!"

[ EDIT: AHA - I was wrong on this! Seems they DID warn ahead of time, quote: "Warner Bros. acknowledges that Fox acted in good faith in bringing its claims, which were asserted prior to the start of principal photography." ]

To paraphrase Mr. Coleman Reese, the squirrely accountant from The Dark Knight: "Don't tell me you notice your baby...on the evening news!" (This thing has been in development for years, so exactly what WAS WB thinkiing?)

He smirks. He thinks since he knows the true identity of the Batman, he's SET, baby. "I want... ten million dollars a year, for the rest of my life!"

Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) responds after a moment of deep concern. It is blisteringly insightful.
"Now, let me get this straight: you believe your client - one of the richest, most powerful men in the world - is secretly a vigilante who goes out at night, beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands, and your plan is to blackmail this person?"

Reese visibly loses his composure as Lucius finishes with a sardonic smile: "Good luck!"

It is a sweet moment. The calculating critic who thinks Wayne's behavior is "embarrasing" is put in his place. Later, when he thinks he is immune to reprisal by going public, the Joker puts a price on his head - and it is Wayne who saves his life.

I don't know how this fight will work out between WB and 20th Century Fox, but I think they'll compromise sooner or later. They aren't going to get anywhere without the other's help.

Who watches the Watchmen? questions Moore - and then shows systematically that they - the Watchmen - cannot be trusted. They are fallible "gods" and desperate humans and isolated and impotent and manipulative - great conspiracy theory stuff jaded souls just love to eat up.

But here's the converse: who can stop them from watching over us? Especially if they care for us enough to risk their lives for us.

You see there are two sides to this coin, and it boils down to self-control. We do not want to be out of control and we do not want to be controlled. But when we lose control of ourselves, it is necessary to have someone warn us, to watch over us.

The friend who sees we have been drinking and takes away our car keys. The bud who gives you a "heads up" on the girl you are interested in and how many hearts she has broken.

Recently we have been talking about chastity over on - and the social liberals are obviously taking the stance of "safe sex" and education as a means to protect the youth, citing abstinence education as a failure due to a study that literally tossed out what I consider highly decisive factors - faith and morals as determining factors within a religious education - i.e Bible-taught kids versus non-Bible taught kids. I may need to double-check that, but it seems the "God factor" - that is, does God like this behavior? - was excluded.

One poster went so far as to remind me that God gave us hormones - implying its His fault for making sex so difficult to resist.

That's blaspheming God's character, really. Its not a new argument, either.
"Adam? Where are you?"

"I heard the sound of you walking in the Garden and I hid, because I was naked!"

"Who told you you were naked? Did you eat of the tree I commanded you not to eat from?"

"The WOMAN YOU GAVE ME - she gave me the fruit and I did eat!"

Which woman, Adam?

The woman God gave him, folks. He was pretty keen to identify her with her Maker - and thus blame God for his disobedience.

He's failed, and he needs a scapegoat.

In The Dark Knight, Wayne smarmily asks, ridiculing his own alter ego, "Who appointed the Batman [as our protector]?"

District Attorney Harvey Dent replies, "We did. All of us who stood by and let scum take control of our city."

Who's at fault? The Watchman, or the Watched?

I'm afraid we are at fault, ladies and gentlemen. When we don't listen to the truth, to God or to His Word, we are at fault.

It does no good whining after the fact. We wanted it, we chased it, we got it. And now we are sorry we did it.

I'm sorry I was ever unchaste. I cannot undo it, but I can leave it. I can warn others. I can say "I got news for you - God is right. Your body is not meant for sexual immorality. It will destroy so much of your heart, you will want to die."

Moore, like many atheists, think its cute/amazing/brave to blame God - or his "gods" for the state the world is in. They see the world narrowly as cold, impersonal, violent, hopeless and say (as I did) "WHY GOD? WHY?!"

God replies "Let me get this straight - you haven't made anything, you haven't listened to Me and now you are DEMANDING an answer? After I sent my Son to pay for your sins and empower you with His Spirit?"

We are the reason the world is in this godless and powerless estate, where hard labor is the norm and death is sure. But God did compassionately enter in and make a provision to rescue us from this, if we want it. If we will admit we are powerless.

"If I had not come to them, they would not be guilty of sin. But now that I have come, they have NO EXCUSE for their sin."

Jesus Christ said that. Accepting Him as Lord means getting a watchman - and more than that, a friend.

If I were an executive at Warner Brothers, I'd be praying like mad right now.

And hope Someone would watch over me.


[Note: All got settled, quite amicably, in fact. See link.]

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