Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Dinner with Christians

I just came back from a Dine Around, a special "get to know each other" Christian dinner party our Sunday school class organizes every few weeks. I must say I appreciated the beautiful home, the good company and the stories. Each person shared something: how they got married, what cars we grew up with, what lost family treasures we've found and how ONE immortally bad dorm room painting was able to wander through the rooms of Wheaton College for decades.

Not a single curse word was uttered. Not a drop of alcohol was demanded. It was pleasant, kind and beautiful, this fellowship with my spiritual brothers and sisters.

I'd forgotten what it was like to enjoy human beings. To simply sit and chat and not have to answer hellish inquiries.

I think I liked it.

I think I have just made a decision to repeat it.

And I think if you had been there - or you have ever sat with a group of redeemed people who were truly gracious, inside and out (and had PLENTY of reason to not be), you would have loved it too.

Jesus loves to sit at the table with His family - and when He is present, all is sweet.


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Anonymous said...

What's that? Getting out and being social was a GOOD thing? Man, I wish someone had suggested that that you get out and enjoy yourself, J. Such a person would have been incredibly wise, almost prescient and probably damn sexy, to boot.

But enough about me.

Glad to hear you're doing well. - Origen

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