Monday, September 8, 2008

The Phantom Stranger, Pt. 3

I'm too tired and its too late for me to tell you the second part of the story of my becoming the Phantom Stranger, a mysterious white man who shows up to guide people to their destinations prompted by the hand of God.

Let me just tell you that after I dropped off Terry, 15 minutes later I picked up ANOTHER hitchhiker.

Now you and I both know this is a crazy thing to do, right?

But see, I'm "on a mission from God" so it's all good. "Well, Lord, here's another..."

So I smile at myself and pull over, and he comes running up with his pack.

Very quiet guy, real nice named Connor, IIRC.

I told him I was glad to give him a ride - it was a crazy day and I said something mumbly about how 'the Lord' got me out here. How I was praying that morning.

Now in the south, you can say 'the Lord' about anything, and they won't take offense. Them's just good manners and respect. "The Lord knows I've done my best!" or "I guess the Lord done saved your hide, boy!" are common expressions and agreeable to the Southern ear.

So I wasn't going to push my luck or faith on another guy.

He caught it though and says "So you're a Christian?"

"Yes, I am. About 12 years now."

"Me too!"

And I knew he was a Disciple immediately. One of those totally-committed ones. I asked him his "testimony" (his story of how he came to know Jesus as Lord).

He told me he was a high-level White Witch who came to Jesus. He used to fight entire covens using spells and magic. He was very high up and known nationally (went to retreats and such with other witches).

[checks watch]

Well, I guess I'll tell you more on Wednesday...

Good night.

(I am SOOOOOO mean, aren't I?) :D

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