Monday, September 22, 2008

Crisis on Infinite Earths, Pt. 3

1986 - what a year! *sheesh*
  • My girlfriend and HS sweetheart of 3 years and I called it quits in January
  • I turned 21 in June - my brother got me a 6-pack of beer
  • In my summer job I worked all night and slept all day (graveyard shift at the In-N-Out)
  • I made friends with a fantasy-loving atheist writer
  • Superman ended its run and Man of Steel began
  • That Fall I got a new girlfriend (see Cathy above ;) )
  • I left Ole Miss for the University of Southern Mississippi (best time of my life)
Oh, man. A north Mississippi native like me never knew that a sea breeze would feel sooo good. (You really must experience the delta of North Mississippi in August. It is a small piece of hell.)

To top it off, I stayed in a dorm with a swimming pool, four-men suites and a bathroom shared by just three other guys. No more of this "welcome to the gym" dorm hall shower heinousness.

What was going on? I believe that Fall, God provided an escape for me and my soul. (I am so "soul-stupid" I'll keep going on something that will not work just "to do the right thing".)

I have had a lot of bad experiences with men acting as child-gods my life. Using their authority or power to get what they want and your needs be damned. God the Father knows this. So He has to come after me with kindness or I won't listen - period.

And in this case, through a friend, He got me down to Hattiesburg, MS - south of Jackson by 90 miles. But what made it SOOOO delicious was its nearness to the Gulf Coast. The sun, the breezes, the kind guys.


And the guy I roomed with, one Allen Holder, was disciplined and kind, football player getting a degree in Mathematics. Couldn't ask for better. He put up with me and I learned a lot from him, just by sharing a room.

ANDDD I ALSO met Roland Mann, and Mitch Byrd and Steven Butler - all later to become semi-famous in the comics industry!

My crisis was over. My grieving began to end and joy began. I was in a happy place.

And you know what?

God had orchestrated it. He's orchestrating it now. I don't know the impact of all I do or say - some negative, some positive - but I know Who's in Charge.

Because when I needed it most, He gave me shelter and friends.

"I tell you the truth, whatever you do to the least of these my brethren, you do unto Me!"

Thank you, Jesus.

[more later]


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