Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crisis on Infinite Earths, Pt. 1

It was 1985 and I had just had one full year of college away from home at Ole Miss nee the University of Mississippi. Still young and scared of the world, I had delayed leaving home by putting in a year at Northwest Community College. I got a real 40-hour a week job as the Overnight Cashier at the Quick Mart on Stateline Road, a mere four-minute drive away. I could walk it in 15, easily.

My mother had been re-diagnosed in January. Her cancer had returned, and I did not know it. I wonder why my family shared so little with me. Were they trying to be strong? Thought I was too selfish to care? I don't know. But with me at college, my dad and mom had five months all to themselves, and that must have been good.

I came home and soon realized this was different from all her previous hospital visits of the previous 10 years. At the beginning of July she was moved into our house with a hospital bed. At that moment, my heart knew but my head did not want to process it.

During this crisis, I also had a fight with my brother. I lost, big time. In fact, given my slight build, one could say I was simply beaten up. My face took weeks to heal fully.

However, it was a great summer financially; I had a real paycheck and began saving up for college. Then the impossible happened.

Mom died.

And in one month, my father had left and remarried, even as my brother and his wife and children took posession of the house. My home of 20 years was gone. I left for college, and lasted there one more year before transferring further down state.

The issue cover you see above is exactly how I felt in those dark days. Here I was, talented, graduating in the top 5% of my class, with a scholarship to Ole Miss and then my best friend, my crazy Irish mother, witty and God-fearing, irrascible and nervous, charming and flamboyant, dies. My Supergirl.

Art - does it not imitate life?

And even more aamzing? DC really never was the same. They got rid of Superboy and by default wiped out the very origin for the Legion of Superheroes.

I mean, did anyone in those editorial offices THINK?

But do I believe it was through this, that God was trying to speak to my heart?

A comic book?

Yeah. He's sort of shameless like that.

In my case - I mean that most sincerely - He showed me heroes and heroines can lose.

And the forces behind it have no pity nor mercy.

I'll share more tomorrow and apply this spiritually. But let me say for now that I was being tested, and Satan was eager to make use of it.

He did. He did indeed.

But Jesus won in the end.

He's sneaky like that.

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