Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Up, Up and Awaaaaayyyy!

Yeah, baby. Metropolis, IL is having their Superman Celebration this week - 70 Years of the Man of Steel, and you-know-who is gonna be there!

Does it get any better than this for a geek? First, I get Iron Man, my fave character - with whom I have a more than passing resemblance, and it is a GREAT movie, and then I get ordained and now, I get to go down the day after my birthday to METROPOLIS!

June 1938, he was born. My birthmonth. Wow.

I know, I know. But if you love comics and loved seeing good beat the tar out of evil, then you know the sweet geeky coolness in finding such correlations.

God is very good to me. My landlady and I are heading down to see all the cool guys and gals from League of Heroes (see link on right,bunky) and if THAT is not enough, two buds I know from Memphis - Dave Beatty and Lin Workman are going to be there. They are some seriously good cartoonists and artists bar none. And THEY are coming up HERE this WEEK?

Yeah. We're gonna celebrate Superman. But down in my heart, I'm praising Jesus.

You see, I was coming to Christ just as I met these men. I worked with them a very, very short time and then moved on. Dave and I did a T-Shirt design or two together and Lin - well, I did a mural of the Southaven Charger Knight in Ms. Frances McGuffey's classroom (the Adv. English teacher of THE John Grisham), and Lin followed up two years later doing a humongous one in the center stairwell of the school.

I was an artist dilettante. Lin's the real thing. Still, I feel that I helped break some ground for him by being the first to do the 'Knight as a mural.

There are a lot of heroes now, ever since the Big Blue showed up. But he was the first.

And since I have begun following Christ, I hope some of my old buds will follow suit.

"Follow me - and I will make you fishers of men!"

Jesus was talking to fishermen when He said that. He was making a pun. To me He might say:

"Draw near to Me, and I will make artists draw near to you!"

Here's to the greatest superhero of all time who's leading me to them again, out of the blue.


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