Saturday, June 14, 2008

Geek in Metropolis

I am soooo geeking - today (Friday June 13th) I went to the Superman Museum in Metropolis, IL, and I'll tell you it is a visual barrage of EVERYTHING from the last 70 years of the Man of Steel. From George Reeves' costume, life mask and "breakaway" shirt to suits and props used by Christopher Reeve (and Gerard Jones and Dean Cain and Brandon Routh), it is a superfan's dream come true.

I ain't gonna say much now, but I should. I've been sitting at the feet of Michael Eury and Josh Elder and MURRAY ANDERSON - oh, MAN am I GEEKING!! Curt Swan's inker!

And if you know who Curt Swan is off of the top of your head, and are in city of over ten thousand people, you too are a geek (in Metropolis).

(great spiritual insights later, after my geek EEG flatlines)


Anonymous said...
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Resilient Hawk said...

Some clients send their guy to Delavan, WI (home of Radar O'Reilly, Gary Burgoff) others to Metropolis, aye?

Anonymous said...

That was NOT the real Editor Jax. That comment was posted with a stolen username and the person doing this needs to stop immediately.

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