Monday, May 5, 2008

Light Warrior: short story by Justice Carmon

Light Warrior
short story by Justice Carmon

When Brian discovers that a classmate has a connection to his favorite comic, he decides to get to the bottom of things.

Light Warrior
Brian plopped down in his cafeteria seat, avoiding the kids sitting at the other end of the table. Summer school lunch periods were shorter, and all they wanted to do was talk, talk, talk. He, on the other hand, had something better to do: peruse the latest issue of Light Warrior: Hero From X-Dimension.

Brian had been careful to hide the issue from curious eyes. A teacher might confiscate it. Other kids might make fun of him, or worse, paw through the pristine comic, destroying its value.

Light Warrior—or L.W., as his friends called him—was awesome this issue. After being knocked unconscious and captured by the Allies of Infamy, he was in an intermediate dimension that enabled him to be in two places at once. He could navigate his home dimension and the villain's lair simultaneously. As his friends helped L.W. battle creatures of the Y-Dimension, they were beginning to learn the secret of his powers.

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